RFID electronic label manufacturer, RFID sensor enabling industrial manufacture123

RFID electronic tag manufacturers interpret the relevant knowledge and applications of ultra-high frequency RFID electronic tags 123

RFID electronic label manufacturer, RFID sensor enabling industrial manufacture123

RFID sensor is a kind of wireless radio frequency identification technology, which can be used to identify objects, track objects, and provide faster and more reliable data acquisition. It is an industrial reader mainly used in the field of production and manufacturing. It is mainly high-frequency and ultra-high frequency, has good anti-interference performance, meets the high protection level standard, supports Modbus communication protocol, and can be converted into PROFINET and EtherCAT protocol through the industrial gateway controller. In industrial manufacturing, RFID sensor can read the label information of the production link, automatically collect production data, automatically report the production process, and improve the informatization and visualization of industrial production. Typical applications of RFID sensors in industrial manufacturing

RFID tag
RFID tag

1. AGV unmanned handling station identification by installing RFID landmark tags at ground nodes and RFID sensors at the bottom of the AGV body, AGV vehicles can identify the station by reading the landmark tags through sensors during driving, so as to control and dispatch AGV vehicles to complete material distribution/handling, and realize AGV station positioning, AGV scheduling and other functions.

RFID sensor enabling industrial manufacture123

2. RFID production tracking and tracing takes production equipment, vehicles (molds, pallets) as the carrier, uses RFID electronic tags (such as metal resistant tags, high temperature resistant tags, etc.) to identify and manage the stations and workpieces on the assembly line, and uses RFID sensors to quickly and accurately link the information between processes and workpieces, so as to avoid the phenomenon of wrong or missing parts and components due to manual operation, and realizes lean production through real-time and transparent tracking and tracing management of WIP.

3. The RFID production automatic work report is associated with orders by binding the electronic tag with the production work order. The RFID sensor is installed on the corresponding station. During the production process, when the RFID tag reaches the tooling position, it is identified by the RFID sensor. The order information is obtained according to the tag ID and the automatic work report is processed. The data of each production stage is collected, summarized, analyzed and displayed in a timely and accurate manner through the production line Kanban management system, so as to master the production progress in real time.

4. The path identification of the inspection robot in the plant is to install RFID tags on the inspection nodes or driving tracks, and RFID sensors on the inspection robot. The inspection robot can identify the path of the inspection plan by reading the site tags through the sensors during the driving process, so as to control the inspection robot to complete the daily inspection tasks and regular spot inspection management. With the advancement of intelligent manufacturing process, the industrial production process can not be separated from the help of RFID sensors. Sensors with good flexibility and compatibility are needed to adapt to and meet the changing needs of industrial development.

RFID electronic label manufacturer, RFID sensor enabling industrial manufacture123

Based on RFID technology, RFID sensors can help enterprises grasp the production process in real time, improve the controllability of the production process, reduce the manual intervention on the production line, timely and correctly collect the production line data and reasonably arrange the production plan/schedule, so as to realize the informatization, automation and intelligence of industrial manufacturing. For further information on products and solutions, please contact:

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