RFID electronic tags, RFID tags realize vehicle management 123

Radio Frequency Identification Technology
Radio Frequency Identification Technology

, RFID tags realize vehicle management 123

RFID vehicle management tag is a passive tag in UHF band using radio frequency identification technology. The RFID chip in it records the corresponding vehicle information. It uses ceramic electronic tags or flexible anti transfer electronic tags, and has a unique ID number. The electronic card can store the vehicle license plate information, environmental protection emission level, annual inspection information, etc., so that the vehicle can be accurately perceived and identified by the base station set up in the environmental protection restricted zone in a long distance during the driving process. So how does RFID tag realize vehicle management?

In urban management, vehicle management is a difficult problem, especially in first tier cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai. When it comes to holidays, it is either people or cars at a glance. Traffic congestion needs an intelligent traffic management technology to control and create a good and orderly traffic environment.

RFID electronic tag, RFID tag realizes vehicle management 123
1. Intelligent parking lot with RFID tag

The difficulty of parking in big cities is a big problem, which puzzles many car owners. Entering the parking lot, parking card swiping and other procedures take up more time. The intelligent parking lot vehicle management system using the Internet of things technology is mainly used to install RFID electronic tags for vehicles (which can store various information including vehicle model, license plate number, owner’s related information and so on), and issue long-distance RFID cards for external temporary vehicles, so as to achieve the goals of vehicles entering and leaving without parking, intelligent parking lot and intelligent vehicle theft prevention.

2. Non parking charging system using RFID tags

We can often see etc charging on expressways, which is to use RFID technology to read and write through the antenna with the bank card installed on the vehicle equipped with an electronic tag (vehicle smart card) and the reader of the toll station, and use Internet technology to settle the amount with the bank, so as to achieve the purpose of charging without stopping.

RFID electronic tag, RFID tag realizes vehicle management 123
The operation process of RFID tag to realize vehicle management is as follows:

1. install the RFID tag on the vehicle: paste or fix the RFID tag on the specific position of the vehicle, such as the inside of the windshield or the license plate.
2. configure RFID Reader: install RFID reader in the parking lot or other places where vehicle management is required, and connect it to the management system.
3. read RFID tag information: when the vehicle is close to the RFID reader, the reader will read the information on the RFID tag, such as vehicle identification number or other relevant information.
4. data transmission to the management system: the read RFID tag information will be transmitted to the management system through the reader. The system will manage the vehicle according to the information, such as recording the time of entry and exit, charging, etc.
5. realize vehicle management: the management system can realize vehicle access management, parking space allocation, charging and other functions according to the information read.
How does RFID tag realize vehicle management? RFID electronic tags based on RFID technology provide convenience for vehicle management. Intelligent management can achieve efficient management, improve work efficiency, save manpower and material resources, reduce operating costs, increase system security, and improve vehicle management efficiency.

In the whole process, RFID tag plays a role in identifying the vehicle identity, and realizes the automation and intelligence of vehicle management with the reader and the management system.

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