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Lu’s Escape 2D

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Lu’s Escape 2D is a platfomer game built with XNA 4.0 and C#.

The game can be controlled using a keyboard or a game-pad. It features Lu the red devil evading enemies and collecting jewels in order to advance to the next level and get the highest score.

The development of the game was very technical, and includes the following aspects:

– Resource Management Strategy using Load/Unload

– Frame Independent Character Animations

– Configurable Game World using Data Driven Design (XML)

– Collision Response and Object Removals

– Power-upsĀ and Scoring System using Event Listeners

– Game-State Saving using Serialization Techniques

– Screen Management and Non-Player Characters using Finite-State Machines

This game was a project for Computer Games Architecture, a module in the MSc in Computer Games Technology at City, University of London (2016).