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Battleground Invasion

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Battleground Invasion is a multiplayer first-person shooter game with voice recognition built with Unity.

The game utilizes the Photon Unity Networking framework for multiplayer and MS SAPI 5.4 for Voice Recognition.

MSc in Computer Games Technology Dissertation Individual Project
City, University of London 2016


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About Skywalk

Skywalk is a 3D tightrope walking game on Android.

It is based on the 2015 film “The Walk” and features nearly exact same elements from the movie.

The game is a demo developed for a course module at City University London.

Featuring 2 different levels, The Park and World Trade Center, Philippe Petit (the main character from the movie and the game) has to walk along the rope from start to finish, carefully balancing his pole and defeating the effects of wind.

Lu’s Escape 2D

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Lu’s Escape 2D is a platfomer game built with XNA 4.0 and C#.

The game can be controlled using a keyboard or a game-pad. It features Lu the red devil evading enemies and collecting jewels in order to advance to the next level and get the highest score.

The development of the game was very technical, and includes the following aspects:

– Resource Management Strategy using Load/Unload

– Frame Independent Character Animations

– Configurable Game World using Data Driven Design (XML)

– Collision Response and Object Removals

– Power-ups and Scoring System using Event Listeners

– Game-State Saving using Serialization Techniques

– Screen Management and Non-Player Characters using Finite-State Machines

This game was a project for Computer Games Architecture, a module in the MSc in Computer Games Technology at City, University of London (2016).

Skater Demo

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Skater Demo, as its name suggests is an OpenGL demo of a game written in C++ and includes audio programming using FMOD.

The game can be controlled using a keyboard and features a skater going down a half-pipe trail while evading obstacles and collecting coins to reach the bottom.

The development of this game was very technical, and focused on the following:

– Procedular Generation of Half-Pipe track randomized on each round

– Multiple Camera locations (Head, Skateboard, Third-Person, and Camera Man view)

– OpenGL Lighting implementations (Can be turned on and off)

– Shader Programming

– Mathematical Algorithms for character positioning on the half-pipe

This game was a project for Computer Graphics, a module in the MSc in Computer Games Technology at City, University of London (2016).


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Boids is a bird-flock simulation project written in C++ using the Bullet Physics Engine.

Boids is purely based on artificial intelligence (AI) and comprises of algorithms that work together to achieve an artificially generated bird flock.

Using the Bullet Physics Engine, the “boids” form a flock by following three different AI techniques:

– Obstacle avoidance: boids calculate distance from obstacles and steer away using torque forces

– Cohesion & Alignment: boids stick together using a visibility factor in order to form a flock

– Separation: when boids come very close to each other, each calculates a separation force to keep the flock consistent

This demo was a project for Game Physics and AI, a module in the MSc in Computer Games Technology at City, University of London (2016).


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Sacrilege is First-Person shooter game set in the woods. The game’s objective is to perform a ritual by collecting hearts and trees and performing the ritual at the altar somewhere in the woods.

The game was developed for the Global Game Jam 2016 at City, University of London.

GGJ2016 Webpage Link for Sacrilege

Pet Runner

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About Pet Runner

Pet Runner is a runner game featuring your favorite pets, available for Android! Turtle, Cat, and Dog are on a runaway journey to flee their owners and collect as many coins to upgrade to their most powerful power-ups.This game features 3 characters: Turtle, Cat, and Dog

Power-ups Available: Shield, Skateboard, and Snacks!The game is a final project for a Game Programming course at the Lebanese American University.We hope you like our game. Please rate it and share with your friends! Enjoy running!