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SNES controller for Switch shows up in FCC filing, hinting at SNES games for Nintendo Online

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Nintendo looks set to release wireless SNES controllers for the Nintendo Switch, which likely means it’ll also be bringing classic SNES titles to its Nintendo Online virtual gaming library. The news comes via an FCC filing (hat tip to Eurogamer), which includes a diagram of what looks very clearly to be the backside of a Super Nintendo-style wireless controller.

The diagram includes a model number that uses the “HAC” code that Nintendo employs to designate Switch accessories, and history suggests that the arrival of retro-inspired hardware for the Switch also means throwback games are on their way. Nintendo launched wireless NES controllers for the Nintendo Switch in September, and they arrived alongside NES games delivered via Nintendo Online as free perks for subscribers.

The FCC filing is more or less concrete proof that Nintendo intends to release something, but the rest is speculation (if very likely, informed speculation) at this point. Still, it seems inevitable that Nintendo bring its SNES library to the Switch, especially since it did so for the Wii Virtual Console before.

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Nintendo’s bringing DIY robots and more to the Switch using cardboard

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 Nintendo’s big new surprise interactive experience for the Switch is now official, and it’s basically a maker kit for the portable console that uses cardboard component pieces to allow people to build a range of different creations and play with them using the console to power games that interact with the DIY components. Read More

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Hulu is Nintendo’s first video streaming app for the Switch

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 Nintendo has released a list of the new releases for its Switch console eShop available today, and North Americans will be able to download Hulu, according to the list. The app should go live with the rest of the eShop updates when the store refreshes its content, which usually happens at 12 PM ET. The arrival of Hulu marks the first time Nintendo has made a video streaming app available on… Read More

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Nintendo will pay you up to $20,000 to hack the 3DS

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3ds So you bought a Nintendo 3DS to play some Pokemon Sun… but now your Pokedex is complete and you’ve explored every inch of Alola. Now what? If you’ve got a technical background, you might consider poking around the 3DS itself. There might just be a big ol’ stack of cash in it for you. Nintendo has just launched a bug bounty program by way of HackerOne. Find a bug that… Read More

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Nintendo 3DS sales up 80% year-over-year on Pokémon Go success

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new-3ds-xl-12 Nintendo had a very good month in mobile gaming, according to NPD Group’s latest data. The 3DS won in both hardware and software sales for the analyst firm’s latest tracker report, with the 3DS and its family of systems (including New 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS devices) up 80 percent for July this year versus July 2015. Pokémon Omega Red and Alpha Sapphire, the latest console titles in… Read More

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New Pokémon in Sun and Moon include sad fish, surfing Raichu

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raichu-surf Please, please let me visit the room where new Pokémon are created. I want to know exactly what was going on when the team came up with Wishiwashi, a small, sad fish that becomes a group of slightly less sad fish when it reaches a certain level. Wishiwashi is one of three entirely new Pokémon revealed today for the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon games for Nintendo 3DS. The other all-new… Read More

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