YouTube can still win the livestreaming war

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Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.12.43 AM YouTube, sounding a little miffed that House representatives were livestreaming their sit-in using Periscope and Facebook Live, reminded its community that it has been offering livestreaming on its site since 2011, “before it was cool,” the company snarked in a series of announcements emerging from this week’s VidCon event. That may be true, but a single-purpose app… Read More

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Facebook Live attacks Twitch with game streaming

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Facebook Overwatch If people spend a lot of time doing something on the Internet, you can bet Facebook wants a piece. Its latest conquest attempt is the video game streaming business ruled by Twitch and YouTube. Today, Facebook announced its working with World Of Warcraft maker Blizzard to build social login and Facebook Live video streaming into their games, starting with its new blockbuster Overwatch.… Read More

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What Facebook Live and Periscope need is a waiting room

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TV Countdown Livestreams start boring because broadcasters don’t want to begin the real action until more people have tuned in. That can take a few minutes, even with streams being rapidly distributed via push notifications, tweets and the News Feed. But by that time, the initial audience may have bounced, and the recorded replay won’t entice viewers later. Facebook Live videos auto-play… Read More

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Facebook enables Continuous Live Video to power puppycams and more

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Facebook Continuous Live Video Live mobile video is evolving beyond selfie-stream rants and citizen journalism. Facebook will now allow non-stop, long-form broadcasting as long as the creators don’t mind that they won’t be able to permanently save and share the video. The new Continuous Live Video API enables persistent streams like nature feeds, 24-hour windows into major landmarks or cameras trained on a pit… Read More

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Facebook Live lets you skip to the good part

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Facebook Live Engagement Graph Facebook’s newest feature could fundamentally change how you watch video. Until now, you either sat through a video until it got too boring, waited for the interesting part or fast-forwarded hoping to spy something worth seeing. But for clips that weren’t immediately exciting, especially monologues or selfie-streams where the action was in the audio, it was tough to tell if a… Read More

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100M Live Broadcasts In, Periscope Streams New Life Into Your Twitter Feed

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3069662592_f6c99b4ea9_b Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app, has played around in the outskirts of Twitter, with nothing more than a screenshot and link being shared when you see a stream pop up in your timeline. That changes today as Periscope gets fully baked into the iOS version of Twitter and coming soon for Android and web. You might be asking “what took so long?” but since Periscope… Read More

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Periscope Turns Screenshotting Into A Social Experience

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periscope-photorealistic_logo A new version of Periscope popped up on the App Store today that allows viewers to share screenshots that they take during your stream. Additionally a little screenshot icon will show up in chat letting you and everyone else know that a screenshot has been taken. It’s basically Periscope’s version of a “retweet.” Read More

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