Kristoffer Lawson talks about a future where you zoom into work

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 Kristoffer Lawson created one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while: Solu, the social computer. His tiny device uses a unique UI and UX to allow you to connect with friends and collaborate using an icon-based OS that lets you zoom in and out of work. Lawson and I spoke about the future of computing and how his ideas – and the ideas of other OS thinkers – will change the… Read More

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The future of books is coming, but it’s coming slowly

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e-books shutterstock This week on Technotopia I had the opportunity to speak Laura Dawson, an expert on all things publishing and the future host of a podcast dedicated to ISBNs. To say that she has her finger on the pulse of the publishing world is an understatement.
Dawson knows the ins and outs of the big houses and she understands how they think. Interestingly, almost every publisher is well aware of the… Read More

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Autodesk’s Amar Hanspal talks about the future of manufacturing

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Amar Hanspal, Senior Vice President, IPG Information Modeling & Platform Product Group, Autodesk Imagine a world where manufacturing is no longer geographically mandated, when you can print custom parts in minutes, and anyone can build anything. That’s the world Amar Hanspal, Autodesk’s SVP or Product, wants to live in. I talked to Hanspal while he was at a future of manufacturing conference and we talked about all of the pitfalls of future manufacturing, the improvements… Read More

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WeVideo revamps its online video editor for HTML5

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wevideo WeVideo has rebuilt its browser-based video editor using HTML5 instead of Flash. For many of you, the whole debate about HTML5 versus Flash may seem like a weird flashback to 2010. But Flash is taking a while to die completely — Google Chrome, for example, continues to phase out Flash gradually. CEO Krishna Menon said that in the case of WeVideo’s new editor (which launched… Read More

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Novelist John Sundman talks CRISPR, genetics, and logic bombs

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61+tk+GPfML._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ Novelist John Sundman is a national treasure. His best work, Acts of the Apostles, predicts CRISPR, advanced genetic engineering, and chip-based Trojan Horses and his writing is at once dense and thrilling. I got the chance to talk with him this week for the Technotopia podcast.
Sandman lives on Martha’s Vineyard and has been a tech contractor as well as a volunteer fireman and carpenter. Read More

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360-degree camera maker Jeffrey Martin talks about what it takes to film for VR

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0b7b5dd5c5701577148e91251cbc4d6a_original This week on the Technotopia podcast I interviewed Jeffrey Martin, the creator of 360Cities and the maker of the Sphericam. Martin is a skilled 360-degree camera operator and has created amazing panoramas of cities around the world.
“I’ve been working with VR since the days of CRT monitors,” he said as he explained the challenges and changes coming to us thanks to new… Read More

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George Lucas, Ken Williams And The Practical Magic Of Pragmatic Visionaries

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6496342083_da15b8c563_o Popular Science was one of my favorite magazines as a teenager. I was amazed by the inventions of mere mortals, and wondered if there was some sort of genetic mutation that allowed a select few to see the future more clearly than the rest of us. Secretly, I hoped to be a visionary someday. Read More

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