HP’s new gaming laptop has more screens for more content

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There’s something about gaming laptops that make manufacturers do weird things. It’s kind of wonderful, in a way. Companies tend to give their teams a much wider berth for strange and novel designs, and HP’s Omen line is certainly no stranger. Designs that tend to be relegated to the concept shelf of history actually hit the market, and indeed, the Omen X 2S is currently on target for a May/June release.

The defining characteristic of the $2,700 notebook is almost certainly the inclusion of a second screen that lives just above the keyboard. HP’s not the first to attempt such a thing — in fact, we might actually be approaching a trend here. The six-inch secondary display is considerably smaller than the 15-inch mean dealie.

It’s designed to provide supplementary information at a glance. While the idea of a secondary screen has been around for some time, I do think HP’s at least being fairly realistic about how it will primarily be used. Rather than assuming that game developers are going to create content specifically for the 1080p touchscreen, HP suggests that gamers will almost certainly use it for other apps entirely.

It suggests chatting in WeChat and WhatsApp, using Spotify and watching Twitch and YouTube videos. In other words, it will essentially serve the same function as just sticking your phone on your laptop — but this one is built in. Oh, and HP sells “Omen apparel” now, so you can coordinate with your new dual-screen laptop.

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Sales of PCs just grew for the first time in six years

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Don’t look now, but the PC might not be dead. According to Gartner, collector of marketshare and industry metrics, worldwide shipments of personal computers just experienced the first year-over-year growth since 2012. Shipments totaled 62.1 million units, which is a 1.4 percent increase from the same time period in 2017. The report states “experienced some growth compared with a year ago” but goes on to caution declaring the PC industry as in recovery just yet.

The top five PC vendors all experienced growth with Lenovo seeing the largest gains of 10.5% — though that could be from Lenovo completing a joint venture with Fujitsu. HP grew 6.1%, Dell 9.5%, Apple 3% and Acer 3.1%. All good signs for an industry long thought stagnate. This report excludes Chromebooks from its data. PC vendors experienced growth without the help of Chromebooks, which are the latest challenger to the notebook computer.

Gartner points to the business market as the source of the increased demand. The consumer market, it states, is still decreasing as consumers increasing use mobile devices. Yet growth in the business sector will not last, it says.

“In the business segment, PC momentum will weaken in two years when the replacement peak for Windows 10 passes.” said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner said in the report. “PC vendors should look for ways to maintain growth in the business market as the Windows 10 upgrade cycle tails off.”

Consumers will likely continue, for the most part, to keep a computer around but since the web is the new desktop, the upgrade cycle for a causal user will keep getting longer. As long as a home has a computer that can run Chrome, that’s likely good enough for most people.

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Nvidia teams up with Acer, Asus and HP to launch 65-inch gaming displays

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 If you are tired of that puny 27-inch gaming screen on your desk and you want a more immersive gaming experience on a really big screen — say 65-inches — then Nvidia has something new for you. The company today announced a new hardware initiative with partners Acer, Asus and HP: big format gaming displays (BFGD). The idea here is to take a 65-inch 4K screen with 120Hz HDR support… Read More

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Some HP laptops are hiding a deactivated keylogger

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 Researcher Michael Myng found a deactivated keylogger in a piece of software found on over 460 HP laptop models. A full list of affected laptops is here. The keylogger is deactivated by default but could represent a privacy concern if an attacker has physical access to the computer.
“Some time ago someone asked me if I can figure out how to control HP’s laptop keyboard… Read More

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HP’s Spectre x2 finds its spot as one of the best Windows tablets, for what it’s worth

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 The Spectre x2 is what a Surface Pro would feel like with HP’s design cues and a few better specs for the dollar. In fact, most of the Spectre x2’s drawbacks stem from having to squeeze so much into its frame, which is better than having glaring software issues. Nearly free of stutters under heavy workload, Windows 10 remains a smooth experience. Specs of a svelte slate The… Read More

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After Harman Kardon, HP signs on to launch Cortana-enabled devices, too

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 Earlier this week, Harman Kardon announced the Invoke, its Cortana-enabled Amazon Echo competitor. While Harman Kardon was the first company to integrate Cortana into this kind of device, it’s not going to be the only one for long. As Microsoft announced today, HP has also signed on to build similar devices. Intel, too, is getting into this game. Read More

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HP sheds some more light the Omen X VR PC backpack

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OMEN X VR Pack_Heroic_FrontLeft The Omen X by HP VR PC is nothing if not compelling. The company showed off a picture of the concept earlier today and let slip a smattering of details around the backpack PC but not much else. No press release, no product page. It was a fairly usual announcement for HP.
The hardware company’s VP of Consumer PC & Solutions Mike Nash agreed to shed a bit more light on the upcoming… Read More

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