Twitter chatbots can now include buttons that push you to tweet, follow, click & more

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 Twitter today is rolling out a new feature that will allow businesses to prompt their followers to take an action beyond a simple fav or retweet. The company is introducing the ability for businesses to add buttons inside their direct message conversations designed to encourage customers to do things like tweet about the company’s Twitter bot, visit their website, follow the… Read More

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CreditHero wants to help fix credit scores for those afraid to even look

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 With apps and services for investing and checking credit scores, it might seem like financial services are finally getting more mainstream. But people still need to have decent credit to get to the point where they’ll use those services. That’s why Nicole Sanchez and her co-founders started CreditHero, a service to help people understand their credit score — and how to… Read More

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As Messenger’s bots lose steam, Facebook pushes menus over chat

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Messenger Facebook’s Messenger bots may not be having the impact the social network desired. Just yesterday, online retailer Everlane, one of the launch partners for the bot platform, announced it was ditching Messenger for customer notifications and returning to email. Following this, Facebook today announced an upgraded Messenger Platform, which introduces a new way for users to interact with… Read More

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AI-powered virtual assistant, Mezi, pivots to focus on travel

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Mezi is an AI-powered travel concierge app. A startup that originally launched as an AI-powered virtual assistant, Mezi, has pivoted to focus on travel only. And why not? There’s little to do online that’s more annoying than booking flights, hotels and everything else you need just to take a break, or be somewhere for work. Mezi’s newly designed app allows users to find and book flights and hotels and make… Read More

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Duolingo’s new chatbots help you brush up on your foreign language conversation skills

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duolingo-chat-app A lot of startups are talking about the possibilities of chatbots, but Duolingo recently launched one of the most interesting uses so far — practicing a new language. The Duolingo chatbots allow users to hold text message conversations in French, Spanish or German, with the chatbots taking on different personas to discuss different topics. You probably won’t mistake them for… Read More

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Pullstring launches bot-authoring tools for fun & profit

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Humani - Jessie's Story is an interactive game based on messaging back and forth with Jessie, trying to help her get a new boyfriend, a new job and an apartment. A busy day, indeed. Pullstring — née ToyTalk — today launched its eponymous product out of private beta and into the hands of creators of conversational interfaces everywhere. Out of the box, creators can make bots for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Kik, Telegram and — using the company’s Web API — pretty much every other platform out there. Read More

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Facebook steps in to prove the value of chatbots with Tommy Hilfiger

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tommy-hilfiger-bot Here come the fashbots, and this time they might actually be useful. Facebook’s seemingly half-baked chatbot platform soured many on the potential of conversation user interfaces. The first bots built by outside developers back in April were clumsy and more trouble than just using a website. So Facebook’s Creative Shop is getting involved, working with bot maker and the… Read More

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