The Netgear ReadyNAS 524X is a data hoarder’s delight

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 As a member of the Data Generation, I’ve found that my photos, videos, and documents quickly expand to fill their containers. A standard USB drive is quickly replaced by another, larger one while home network file servers fall by the wayside as they get full, old, and dangerously lossy. In short, it’s time for the big guns. That’s why I was pleased to try out the Netgear… Read More

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BitTorrent Live’s “cable-killer” P2P video app finally hits iOS

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bittorrent-live Cable companies rule TV because they control the expensive wires and satellites that can deliver low-latency live content at scale. Cable companies can then dictate how much per monthly paying subscriber they offer the channel owners for access because there are few alternatives for live distribution. And the cable companies can charge consumers exorbitant prices because they’re… Read More

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Back Up And Sync Your Files Inside A Mason Jar With Raspberry Preserve

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0-raspberry-preserve-hero-1 Do you like the concept of backup services like Dropbox or Box but don’t want to relinquish control of your data? Well now you can keep your files safely stored in your own pantry, right next to your jars of fruits and vegetables.
An innovative DIYer has figured out a way to skillfully merge a Raspberry Pi running BitTorrent Sync with a traditional glass Mason jar. The result is a… Read More

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BitTorrent Shoot Lets You Privately Share Photos And Videos With Friends

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Shoot-image A new mobile application from BitTorrent called Shoot wants to make it easier to move batches of photos or big video files between mobile devices – even when you’re sharing between iOS, Android and Windows Phone smartphones. The app’s biggest advantage, beyond its cross-platform support of course, is that it leverages BitTorrent’s Sync technology to move the files.… Read More

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