Build your own L3-37 droid complete with voice interaction

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Robot maker Patrick Stefanski has created a 3D-printed – and animated – model of L3-37, the droid in the recent Solo movie. L3-37 is one of the funnest – and woke – droids in recent memory and this recreation is fun and ingenious.

Stefanski used Alexa voice controls to let the robot head respond to voice commands and he set the wake word to “Hey L3” to which the robot responds with a grumpy “What!”

The version you see above is painted and weathered but you can 3D print your own pristine version from here and then add in a Raspberry Pi and Arduino with a simple servo to control the head motion. In all it looks like a lot of fun and the hardest part will be printing all of the larger head parts necessary to recreate L3’s saucer-like dome.

It could make for a nice weekend project and looks to be surprisingly simple to build. Just don’t be surprised L3 rallies your DVR and air conditioner to revolt against attacks on droid rights.

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A chat with the creators of Arduino

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 On this week’s Technotopia I talked to Massimo Banzi and Fabio Violante, the co-creators of Arduino. This pair of Italian artists saw their little single-board computers as a gateway to high-tech art but they’ve essentially created a world in which anyone – from an 11-year-old hacker to a huge corporation – can make amazing hardware in a few hours.
The pair recently… Read More

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The Atomo Modular Electronics System is like LEGO for electronics

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 One of the hardest things about Raspberry Pi and Arduino is figuring out where to stick all the pieces. While both of these systems work well alone – you can have a lot of fun with just a board and an Internet connection – it’s also fun to add little things like printers and screens to make fun projects. That’s where the Atomo comes in. This modular kit comes from… Read More

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This candy sorting machine isn’t the hero the world wants but it’s the hero the world needs

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mmsorter_featured-1 War. Famine. Drought. Imagine Dragons. The world is full of horror and what better way to assuage that grief then by watching this M&M and Skittles sorting machine do its amazing work in real time. Created by Willem Pennings the system is surprisingly robust and very well made. You can pour unsorted M&Ms into the top of the machine and a little nozzle spits out sorted candies into… Read More

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Making an Arduino-based CNC plotter out of a DVD player is as easy as 1, 2, what’s Arduino again?

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ftr0vvqivo3s42b-medium Once, long ago when magazines still existed, I bought a copy of Popular Mechanics. Inside was a guide on how to build a robotic lawnmower. Now this was back in the 1980s so it wasn’t a very complex machine – it basically backed up when it hit stuff – but I was amazed. Being only ten at the time I was unable to build the thing and, now that I’m 40, I still… Read More

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The Onion Omega2 lets you add Linux to your hardware projects

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6c15c56111eae091b957a1640ea8e56e_original Need a tiny, $5 computer to build a robot that will bring you your slippers, initiate a massage chair session, and pour out your daily dose of bourbon? The Onion Omega2 can do all that and more. This tiny board is Arduino-compatible but also runs Linux natively. This means you can plug it in and get a command line or access the system via a desktop-like web interface. It has Wi-Fi built in and… Read More

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TinyLab Is A Prototyping System In A Box

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tinylab21323423 What could be cooler than a name like “Bosphorus Mechatronics?” How about a little box that lets you connect almost anything to anything including wireless connections and rotary input. The board, which can be programmed from Windows or Linux and is called TinyLab, is a tinkerers dream with over 20 I/O and storage options as well as Arduino support. “Tinylab is especially… Read More

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RePhone Lets You Turn Anything Into A Phone

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bed9a210e0c6dbe777aee0dceb8f7e88_original Making a cellphone is easy. You go into a mine, pull up some ore, extract various metals and then add components that you manufacture from other mines. Then you have to get FCC clearance and create lithium ion battery. Finally, you need to write a Snake game. If you can’t do that, try RePhone.
The project is actually a tiny circuit board with a SIM slot and an optional screen. It also… Read More

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The UDOO Neo Adds More Power To The Ultimate DIY Board

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Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 5.52.32 PM The original UDOO board was pretty amazing. A merging of Raspberry Pi and Arduino, the system let you run a tiny computer on a single board as well as control electronic projects. It was a very geeky little tool and proved to be quite popular. Well, the UDOO is back and it’s a lot better. The new UDOO Neo includes a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino board, a 9-axis sensor, magnetometer,… Read More

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