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Opera adds a free VPN to its Android browser app

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Opera became the first browser-maker to bundle a VPN with its service, and now that effort is expanding to mobile.

The company announced today that its Android browser app will begin offering a free VPN. The feature will be rolled out to beta users on a gradual basis. The VPN is free and unlimited, and it can be set to locations in America, Europe and Asia as well as an “optimal” setting that hooks up the fastest available connection. Switching on the VPN means that user traffic data isn’t collected by Opera, while it makes it harder for websites to track location and user data.

There are granular settings too, which include limiting VPN usage to private tabs and switching it off for search engines to get more local results.

Opera previously offered a free VPN app for Android and iOS, but that project was closed last year. The new strategy, it seems, was to bake that technology directly into the browser to give it a more competitive advantage and use the tech to bring more users into the Opera ecosystem. There’s no word on an iOS launch.

“The reason why we are including this built-in VPN in our Android browser is because it gives you that extra layer of protection that you are searching for in your daily mobile browsing,” the company — which listed on the Nasdaq last year — said in a blog post.

The VPN — which is powered by a 2015 acquisition — is one of a number of privacy features that Opera offers. Others include cookie dialog box blocking, cryptojacking and ad blocking. The company has also offered support for crypto with the addition of a crypto wallet, support for Web 3 apps and — as of this week — a feature that lets users buy crypto from inside their browser.

Besides its core apps, Opera also offers a “Touch” browser that is optimized for devices that don’t have a home button. It launched on Android and expanded to iOS late last year.

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Brave, the browser with built-in ad blocking, tries again on Android

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brave-android Brave, the new web browser company co-founded by former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, has launched a do-over on Android. The earlier version of the ad-blocking browser utilized an odd user interface involving floating link bubbles, which didn’t sit well with all users. The design made the experience more cumbersome and confusing, when what people really wanted was an alternative browser… Read More

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Yandex applies AI to filter annoying ads on Android, powered by user reports

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adblocking The rise in consumer usage of ad blockers is leading to a few creative alternatives to try to achieve a ‘better relationship’ between ad tech and web browsers. To wit Russia’s Yandex, which has just announced it’s adding a complaint button to its Android browser to lets users report ads they find annoying. Read More

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U.K. carrier Three says it will start trialling ad blocking next month with a 24-hour opt-in test

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adblocking Back in February, U.K. mobile carrier Three said it would start to offer on its network opt-in ad blocking technology from Shine, potentially reaching 30 million customers. Now the company is getting down to details: It will start to trial ad blocking in June in the U.K., with a 24-hour test for opted-in customers, the company said today. “We believe the current mobile advertising… Read More

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Survey says 25 percent of smartphone owners have downloaded ad blockers

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adblocking Mobile marketing company Tune is releasing a new report, where 24.6 percent of survey respondents said that they’d downloaded an ad-blocking app or browser.
The company says it surveyed nearly 4,000 smartphone owners in the United States and Europe, and it found that adoption is growing quickly — only 2.4 percent of respondents said they’d downloaded an ad blocker in the… Read More

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Fear, Loathing And Opportunity On Display As Ad Industry Eyeballs Spectre Of Mobile Ad Blocking

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eyeball A fractious MWC16 panel on mobile ads brought several executives from the ad industry side plus ad behemoth Google face-to-face with what might be their worst nightmare: network-level mobile ad blocking… Read More

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Shine Signs First European Carriers To Its Network-Level Ad Blocking Tech

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smartphone shutterstock The ad-blocking wars are stepping up a gear today as mobile network-level ad blocker startup Shine has announced it’s signed its first European carriers to roll out its tech. Read More

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U.K. Carrier EE Looking At Giving Users Control Over Mobile Ads

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facebook video ads The momentum against increasingly intrusive ad tech is continuing to gain strength, with major U.K. carrier EE stepping into the debate with an announcement that it’s launching a strategic review on whether to offer its users the ability to control the advertising they see on their mobile devices. Read More

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