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Google Fit gets a redesign, adds Heart Points and coaching

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Google Fit is getting a major update today. The company’s activity tracking app has been around for a few years now but until today, it pretty much worked and looked that same as on the day it launched. Today’s redesign is quite a departure from that old look and feel, though, and it also introduces quite a few new features that help take the service in a new direction.

The most obvious new feature in the new version is that instead of only focusing on active minutes (or ‘Move Minutes’ as they are called now), Google has now introduced the concept of Heart Points. With this, you don’t just score points for moving, the app will also reward you for activities that actually get your heart beating a bit faster. Google Fit will give you one point for every minute of moderate activity and double points for more intense activities (think running or kickboxing). You won’t be able to buy anything with those points, but you’re more likely to live longer, so there’s that.

Like before, Google Fit will automatically track your activities thanks to the sensors in your phone or Wear OS watch. You can always manually add activities, too, or use apps like Strava, Runkeeper, Endomondo and MyFitnessPal to get credit for the workouts you track with them.

What’s also new in this update is actionable coaching, something that was sorely missing from the old version. It remains to be seen how useful this new feature is in day-to-day use, but the idea here is to give you feedback on how active you’ve been throughout the week and help you stay motivated.

What I’m actually the most excited about, though, is the new look and feel. Based on the screenshots Google has shared so far, the app now provides you with far more details at a glance, without having to dig into timelines (which weren’t all that usable in the old version to begin with).

The new version is now rolling out to Android and Wear OS users.

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Moov locks down $12M Series B as it brings new wearables to market for real-time coaching

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copy-of-limited-share-moov-hr-climb Motivation is hard to come by. If you’re lucky, you have friends that will go to the gym with you to keep you in line. If you’re wealthy, you can hire a personal trainer. But if your friends have long since given up and your bank account is screaming mercy, your options are few and far between. The entire premise behind Moov is that wearables can be used to provide real-time… Read More

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Basis Peak watches recalled, service shutting down due to overheating

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Basis Peak Basis Peak, a fitness watch tracking your health and sleep habits, is now being recalled by the company after reports of overheating.
The Intel subsidiary first sent a statement about the overheating issues in mid-June and is now asking customers to stop wearing their watches and is shutting down service “immediately.”
“We had hoped to update the software on your watch… Read More

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The Garmin vivofit 3 makes me want to move again

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File May 16, 7 51 51 PM I’ve long been an activity tracker kind of guy. I strapped them all onto my fleshy wrist: the Fitbits, the Nikes, the Polars. I’ve watched circles fill up on my Apple Watch and I’ve watched ghost competitors race me on early GPS watches. But for the past few months I abandoned any wrist-based tracker because the battery in the one I was using kept dying. And so I went… Read More

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Fitbit Remains The Worldwide Leader In Wearables, But Xiaomi Is Quickly Gaining

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fitbitblaze Fitbit has long been the king of wearables and an IDC report released today says James Park and Co. still wear the crown. But Xiaomi is quickly gaining power. A lot of power. Fitbit managed to ship 21 million devices in 2015, up 93.2% over 2014’s amount of 10.9 million units. That said, even by shipping nearly twice as many units, Fitbit still lost marketshare. Over the same time period… Read More

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Meet Glance, A Smart Wall Clock That Displays More Than The Time

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9 Glance is a smart wall clock featured in our Hardware Battlefield competition at CES and launching soon. The device is not only a good looking wall clock, it is also a great way to get all the information you need in a visual way. For instance, when you wake up, the clock will display how much you slept based on your activity tracking device. Read More

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Fitbit Crushes Expectations In Q3, But A Follow-On Equity Offering Drags Its Shares Down

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fitbit-earnings Following the bell, Fitbit announced its third-quarter financial performance, including revenue of $409.3 million, and earnings per share using normal accounting methods of $0.19. The company’s adjusted profit totaled $0.24 per share.
The results are notably strong. Investors had expected the company to report a far-slimmer $0.10 adjusted per-share profit off of revenue of just $350.97. Read More

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