Acer launches new high-end gaming laptops with Nvidia RTX 2080 GPUs

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Acer today announced two new gaming laptops at CES, the 17-inch $4,000 Predator Triton 900 with a convertible 4K display and the somewhat more affordable all-metal 15-inch $1,800 Triton 500. What sets these laptops apart is, among a few other interesting features and some interesting design choices, support for Nvidia’s new(ish) RTX 2080 GPUs, the most powerful graphics processors on the market today.

The Triton 900 features the RTX 2080 by default, while you’ll have to shell out an extra $700 to get it on the Triton 500. Otherwise, the specs are very much what you’d expect from a modern gaming laptop, with 8th generation Intel i7 chips, 16GB of base memory (with the option of going up to 32GB) and up to a terabyte of NVMe-based storage.

The Triton 900’s flipping screen is a bit of a gimmick, but it doesn’t look bad and the company argues that it’ll allow for “multiple gaming scenarios and better ergonomics.” I’m not sure ergonomics is top of mind for most gamers who are willing to shell out $4,000 for a laptop, but it can’t hurt either. The 4K display is a touchscreen, too, which could make it interesting as a more high-end portable workstation for creative work. If you’re a gamer, though, you’ll likely be more excited about the built-in Xbox wireless receiver and audio by Waves, which offers head tracking to provide you a more realistic 3D audio experience

Unsurprisingly, the Triton 500 is the more “sensible” option here, with a more palatable starting price, slim design (it’s 0.7 inches thick and weighs in at 4.6 lbs) and the promise of eight hours of battery life. You only get a full HD display, though, with even the base model comes with an RTX 2060 card, which is no slouch either and should easily be able to let you play and modern game at its maximum graphics settings in HD.

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Never leave the basement again with this stupid opulent gaming chair

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There’s no price yet on Acer’s new gaming chair, but even the “Predator Thronos” name suggests that you’ll be paying a year’s salary for the honor of taking one home. The Thronos is more appliance than gaming accessory, really, weighing in excess of 485 pounds.

The whole thing suggests some old school smokey VR arcade. It’s really a kind of self-contained, motorized cockpit with a seat that reclines 140 degrees, to peep up to three 27-inch monitors. It’s stupid and extravagant and kind of cool and probably half the size of my New York City apartment.

Yes, the chair vibrates and the whole thing lights up and maybe it could double as a half decent massage chair, if you’re looking for a way to justify the expenditure to your significant other who just doesn’t have the same kind of lifelong passion for flight simulators as you. Or maybe you can sleep on it when you get in trouble for spending a few months’ rent on a gaming chair. 

No word on availability or pricing, or Thronos’ quest to retrieve the final Infinity Stone and destroy half of the universe.

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Sales of PCs just grew for the first time in six years

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Don’t look now, but the PC might not be dead. According to Gartner, collector of marketshare and industry metrics, worldwide shipments of personal computers just experienced the first year-over-year growth since 2012. Shipments totaled 62.1 million units, which is a 1.4 percent increase from the same time period in 2017. The report states “experienced some growth compared with a year ago” but goes on to caution declaring the PC industry as in recovery just yet.

The top five PC vendors all experienced growth with Lenovo seeing the largest gains of 10.5% — though that could be from Lenovo completing a joint venture with Fujitsu. HP grew 6.1%, Dell 9.5%, Apple 3% and Acer 3.1%. All good signs for an industry long thought stagnate. This report excludes Chromebooks from its data. PC vendors experienced growth without the help of Chromebooks, which are the latest challenger to the notebook computer.

Gartner points to the business market as the source of the increased demand. The consumer market, it states, is still decreasing as consumers increasing use mobile devices. Yet growth in the business sector will not last, it says.

“In the business segment, PC momentum will weaken in two years when the replacement peak for Windows 10 passes.” said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner said in the report. “PC vendors should look for ways to maintain growth in the business market as the Windows 10 upgrade cycle tails off.”

Consumers will likely continue, for the most part, to keep a computer around but since the web is the new desktop, the upgrade cycle for a causal user will keep getting longer. As long as a home has a computer that can run Chrome, that’s likely good enough for most people.

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Nvidia teams up with Acer, Asus and HP to launch 65-inch gaming displays

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 If you are tired of that puny 27-inch gaming screen on your desk and you want a more immersive gaming experience on a really big screen — say 65-inches — then Nvidia has something new for you. The company today announced a new hardware initiative with partners Acer, Asus and HP: big format gaming displays (BFGD). The idea here is to take a 65-inch 4K screen with 120Hz HDR support… Read More

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Microsoft announces its own motion controllers for mixed reality

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 Microsoft doubled down on its commitment to what it called “mixed reality” today at its Build developer conference, revealing motion controllers that work closely with VR headsets from Acer. With a $399 bundle containing all you need coming later this year, it could be one of the more affordable ways out there to get into the VR game. Read More

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Acer’s 17 pound, curved-screen temple to gaming excess

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Where to start? There’s the weight: 17 pounds. The screen: 21 inches, 2560 x 1080, curved. The power supplies: two. The fans: five. Rear ports: 21. Or how about the gaming pad that flips over, trap door style to reveal a number pad? Most ridiculous of all is the fact that, in spite of everything, the Acer Predator 21 X still somehow qualifies as a laptop – though actually trying to… Read More

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Acer shows off a rugged new Chromebook for work and a whole bunch of new notebooks

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Acer hit the stage a small event in the shadow of Manhattan’s One World Trade to show off some notebooks, notebooks and also some notebooks. Oh, and one more thing: notebooks, notebooks, and notebooks (also there were some notebooks). The star notebook amongst the notebooky notebooks is the company’s latest take on the Chromebook — the straightforwardly-named Chromebook 14… Read More

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Acer’s Xplova X5 biking computer has a built-in camera that records when the rider’s heart rate increases

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Acer Xplova X5 The latest version of the Acer-owned Xplova biking computer brings a few cool new tricks to the table. Chief among them, is the inclusion of the of a wide-screen on-board camera that offers up a little bit of GoPro-style recording to the table. Far and away the coolest bit here is the ability to set different recording triggers, so the Xplova X5 doesn’t record every single second of a… Read More

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